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Our algorithm is developed to think more humanly. Anubit’s “WISE ORACLE” algorithm will work 100% on capital management. WISE ORACLE is connected to the main strategy, and every player inside the vault will benefit the power of the algorithm. This require no lender nor borrower in order to profit. And it will work 24/7 no stop. According to the market momentum.


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The operation of Sacrophagus Vault will be based on the wise oracle algorithm. As you can see from the diagram, the user already connected to binance, will have to connect his api keys (spot trading) on the platform.


Before doing this procedure, the user must have the funds he wants to dedicate to the vault in USDT. Once the vault is launched, wise oracle will proceed with the alignment of funds. Without affecting other funds present on binance. And it will align automatically every 12 hours.


Once wise oracle starts operating, its goal will be to accumulate bitcoin, or rather to increase the purchasing power to be able to accumulate more bitcoin in each phase of the market.


There will always be a ratio between usdt and bitcoin, to allow for accumulation at any stage of the market.

the wise oracle algorithm, is active 24/7, never stops.  while applying capital management. the accumulated Bitcoins are put back into circulation and this repeats in a loop.

It does not use a copy trading strategy. There is no mother account. but instead, the algorithm's strategy is applied directly to the account within the affected vault.


This allows greater security, as there will not be a parent account that can be compromised, which will be able to copy the movements on the others. As it is not a copy.

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